Re: ground control hand signals?

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Date:         10 Dec 95 02:51:39 
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I am currently in the USAF and work on the flightline. I don't know if
you've already have your answer, but i'll see if i can help.

To stop a plane: form an "X" over your head with your arms.

To motion a plane forward: point your arms at the plane and motion it
toward you (bend your arms at the elbow)

to back a plane up: with your arms at your side, bring your arms up untill
they point at the plane and then bring them down again. continue untill
the plane is where you want it.

to turn a plane right: with one arm, point in the direction you want the
plane to turn and with the other arm, motion it forword or backward.

to turn a plane left: the oppisite of turning right.

if an engine is on fire: with one arm, point at the engine, and with the
other arm, form a figure eight over your head.

if the flight crew need to evacuate the aircraft: with both arms at waist
level and thumbs up, bring both arms above head forming a large "v".
motion several times.

to lower flaps: both arms straight out in front with one hand over the
other (palms together) sererate hands while allowing wrists to remain

to raise flaps: to oppisite of lowering flaps.

There are many more NATO approved ground control hand signals to use. The
important thing to remember is to always keep eye-contact with the pilot
at all times to insure he/she understand your intentions. Ground control
safety is alway the most important thing to insure. you can replace
equipment, but you can't replace people!

One more suggestion, have you tried any libraries? Also, local airports.

Hope this helped.

Marc McEachern
Bellevue, Ne (Offutt AFB)