Re: (new and improved) B777 order list

From:         Andrew Chuang <>
Organization: International Internet Association.
Date:         10 Dec 95 02:51:38 
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In article <> Michael Jennings <> wrote:
>In article <airliners.1995.1887@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
>Marcus O. McElroy <> wrote:
>>Potential new customers (in alphabetical order; by no means is it complete):
>>Air-India, American, Delta, KLM, LOT, Malaysia, Qantas, SAS, Virgin Atlantic
>>Andrew, How did you know that Delta was a potential new customer?  I
>>herard some things myself from inside sources.  We'll see if you're
>>right soon enough.
>	I'm not Andrew, but Flight International did report that
>Delta was the principal airline pushing for the launch of the 777-300
>prior to its launch. Methinks it would be suited to quite a few of
>their transatlantic routes, although that is just speculation in my

Earlier this year, it was reported that Delta was involved in the
development of the 777-100X, not the -300.  I seriously doubt the -300
will pick up any significant orders in the US.  The -300 is a B747-100/200
replacement.  Although, the B747 is one of Boeing's most profitable
program, the B747 has never been very successful in the US because of
its size.  Nevertheless, I think the -300 will be extremely successful.

I believe Delta was also involved in the initial B777 design and
development, so was American.  I also read it in the newswire that in
the next six months, Boeing is expected to reach the 300 milestone for
the B777 (currently there are 230 B777s on order).  The new customers
mentioned include Air China, Malaysian, Virgin, Air-India, Alitalia,
ILFC, Northwest, and Delta.  The most surprising ones (at least to me)
are Alitalia and Northwest.

  H Andrew Chuang