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From:         rna@gsb-crown.Stanford.EDU (Robert Ashcroft)
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Date:         10 Dec 95 02:51:38 
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In article <airliners.1995.1919@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
L7Matt7 <> wrote:
>Pacific 737-300 with only white paint on it (so far), a Luxair 737,an LTU
>767-300, and an Alaska Airlines MD-80, N937AS which was the aircraft I was
>waxing the wing fillet faring on, and was also removing one of those
>"cartoon speech bubbles" from the leading edge of the vertical stabilizer.
>Outside at TRAMCO there are 2 Alitalia 767-300s with EI- registration
>(Ireland), they must be GPA(?) leases to Alitalia.

Possibly.  I do know that Ansett has some 767s on lease to Alitalia, so
it could be some of these (I think the aircraft are from Ansett's leasing
subsidiary, so the fact that the aircraft are EI registration may not
be terribly significant).

> Also, there is another
>767-300 with no paint, just the yellow protective coating that is on the
>fuselage when it comes from Boeing. This was my first day of work at
>TRAMCO and I also live up by Paine Field where TRAMCO and Boeing's
>747,767,777 plant is.  If anyone would be interested in a weekly update on
>what aircraft are currently there, please send e-mail back to the
>newsgroup or me at " "  saying that you would like me to
>do this.

I'd be happy to see you post such a summary in sci.aeronautics.airliners
(so long as Karl Swartz is amenable) or alternately in
misc.transport.air-industry.  I just read that America West is dumping its
maintenance in favor of outsourcing it to TRAMCO.