Re: The Regional Jet order update. OCT 1995.

From: (Peter Herrmann)
Organization: University of Dortmund
Date:         04 Dec 95 01:15:00 
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In article <airliners.1995.1877@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Ronald van Riet) writes:
|>why buy a four-engined plane which is more expensive to operate
|>instead of a two-engined, just as quiet and (from personal experience)
|>with a much higher passenger comfort.

One advantage of the Avro RJ is its excellent STOL performance. AFAIK, it is
the only jet aircraft which can land at many city-near airports like London City,
Berlin Tempelhof, Belfast City, and Stockholm Bromma or at touristic sites like
Florence or Lugano. This causes a flexibility which might be a reason for its
popularity among European regional airlines.

|>I do mean, of course, the Fokker Jetliner series....
|>Especially in the case of Crossair: Swissair had the Fokker 100,
|>Crossair (its subsidiary) the 145; now who owns who???

Again, the short runways (ie. Lugano and Bern) might be the reason, too.

|>Many happy landings

And many happy take offs :-)


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