Re: ground control hand signals?

From: (John Clear)
Organization: Panix Public Access Internet & Unix, NYC
Date:         04 Dec 95 01:14:59 
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In article <airliners.1995.1881@ohare.Chicago.COM> Michael Mills <> writes:
>could someone who is familiar with the hand/light signals of an airport
>ground controller (on foot, guiding planes into gates and such) give me
>a few basic patterns (right,left,stop,etc.)?  thanks for any/all advice.

You really need the pictures to help describe these, but I'll do my best to
describe the various signals.  Everyone has a slightly different way
of doing these, so they will vary slightly in the real world.

Stop 			- hands crossed over ones head.
				wrists on top of one another.
Emergency stop		- arms waved frantically overhead
				(as in, Hey, Don't Hit Me!)
Start engine		- rotate one arm at the elbow while indicating
				which engine you want started with
				the other hand (number of fingers held up)
Pull chocks		- hands at sides, thumbs pointing out, keep arms
				stiff and point up with thumbs
Insert chocks		- opposite of 'pull chocks'
Move Forward		- arms straight from elbow across the shoulders,
				bend at elbows and wave arms
				(I've seen this one done with arms out
				 to the front, but it is harder to
				 see that way)
Slow down		- hands flat, arms straight, look as though
				you are trying to push down on the air
Right turn		- point with left hand (remember you are facing the
				plane, so everything is reversed), and
				move right arm in the 'move forward' manner
Left turn		- opposite of 'right turn'
kill engine		- slice across throat

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