Re: AA BDL MD-80 Incident

From:         "Joseph D. Farrell" <>
Organization: Benefits Litigation Concepts
Date:         04 Dec 95 01:14:58 
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>>>although the conditions may have seemed extreme to you, I can only assume
you are not a commercial airline pilot. These conditions, although less
than desirable, were well within the day in and day out parameters of the
aircraft, pilots, and runway. This is the weather we make our living in.
Although the wind was strong, it was relatively down the runway. With a
20- 45 kt headwind componant, the groundspeed was not a factor for a 6900
ft, runway. The crosswind componant was also quite small. The problem
seems to be an incorrect altimeter setting/ indication problem as the
pilots were 300 ft. lower than they thought.<<<

So, the fact remains that the ceiling was 800 feet and the Jepps R15
approach into BDL requires a 1080 foot ceiling for a class D/E a/c, which
the last time I checked an MD-80 was.  My point was the approach was not
safe given the existing wx, something tells me that the pilots wanted into
the airport for operational reasons, after all it was 1 am.  Runway length
had nothing to do with my post, given the 25 kt headwind (more or less)
it was certainly no probelm