From: (James K. Kuchar)
Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Date:         15 Feb 95 03:42:22 
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In article <airliners.1995.156@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Peter Stuetz) writes:
|> We try to equippe our research simulator with TCAS.
|> How can we get access to the current valied, FAA-approved 
|> TCAS-Logic. Also any information about how traffic is declared 
|> a threat and how resolution advisories are calculated would be 
|> very helpful.

There is a document from RTCA: "Minimum Performance Standards for TCAS
Airborne Equipment", Document # RTCA/DO-185, Sept. 1983.

I seem to recall that RTCA moved recently, but the address I have is

Suite 655
1717 H Street, N.W.
Washington, DC   20006
(202) 296-0484

This describes the TCAS logic for TAs and RAs through pseudocode that can be 
tailored to your simulator. Note, however, that the TCAS logic has changed 
several times since 1983. If you're interested, write to me and I can
point you to the correct people to talk to.

Jim Kuchar