Re: New EMBRAER Regional Jet

From: (Darren Rhodes)
Organization: Loughborough University of Technology
Date:         04 Dec 95 01:14:54 
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In article <airliners.1995.1879@ohare.Chicago.COM>
Stephan Stephany <> wrote:
> The second protoype of the EMBRAER Regional Jet, the EMB-145,
> made recently its maiden flight (successfully). Well, maybe
> everybody knows, but just in case:
> - it's a low wing, T-shaped tail a/c, with 2 "rear" turbofans;
>   it uses the the fuselage of the EMB-130 Brasilia, but
>   stretched; it looks beautiful;
> Does anybody have more technical info?

Okay here goes,

In service date: 1997
Powerplant: Two Allison AE3007A turbofan engines (31.3kN S/L Static per
Length: 27.9m
Wingspan: 20.0m
Aspect Ratio: 7.85
Max Seating: 50, 3 abreast
Max take-off weight: 19,200kg
Ops empty weight: 11585kg
Max payload:  5515kg
Fuel Capacity: 4252 litres
Take-off (S/L ISA): 1500m
Landing (S/L ISA): 1290m
Max cruise speed: 410 knots

Hope that helps

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