Re: New A330/340 models

From: (K.P. Koerfgen)
Organization: CADVision
Date:         04 Dec 95 01:14:52 
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In article <480il4$j9t@sphinx.Stanford.EDU>, rna@sphinx.Stanford.EDU (Robert Ashcroft) says:
>Yesterday's (Nov 9) Financial Times mentioned Airbus was trying to go ahead
>with two new versions of the A330/A340.  One would be a shrink of the A330,
>something called the A330M10, designed to fly 6000 miles (presumably 10
>stands for 10,000km?).  The other would be a stretch of the A340 to carry
>370 passengers in typical configuration (sounds like a competitor for the
>The A330M10 may be the long mooted A300 replacement, depending on how
>short the shrink is.  Anyone know anymore?

Airbus has been making presentations to several potential customers
over the last few months. I work for one of those airlines. I believe
Singapore Airlines and Cathay might be two others. Unfortunately for
Airbus we have also ordered B777's which makes it harder for Airbus to
sell us the A330M10 as an A300-600R replacement. That is what that
airplane is supposed to do, replace A300's with slightly higher capacity
and considerable more range. As we operate A310's and A300's, with the
B777 coming, this airplane would have to have superior economics to offset
the cost of operating an additional fleet. On the other hand, a scaled
down B777 would still be a B777 and would hardly be much cheaper than
the baseline B777. Airbus' best hope are operators for either the A330
or the A340 that need something in that size and range.

I believe "M10" has nothing to do with range it probably dates back
to Airbus plans from the early 70's to create a family when they had
used M9 and similar designators in the initial design phase, but I
would have research that.