From: (Eric Rood)
Organization: The Greater Columbus Freenet
Date:         15 Feb 95 03:42:22 
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Peter Stuetz ( wrote:
: We try to equippe our research simulator with TCAS.
: How can we get access to the current valied, FAA-approved 
: TCAS-Logic. Also any information about how traffic is declared 
: a threat and how resolution advisories are calculated would be 
: very helpful.

: Thanks for help!

: Peter
  I don't know that you can get the "code", but you should be able to
obtain a copy of the guidelines (Technical Standard Order, TSO) which define
the parameters the device must perform to.  The code is probably
proprietary data owned by each manufacturer of the devices.  Have you
considered TCAD (MUCH less expensive!) such as the Ryan device or the on
from BF Goodrich designed for the US Navy trainers based in Pensacola (sp)?
 Also, are you looking for TCAS I or TCAS II information?  TCAS I just
tells you there is something out there in a certain direction .  TCAS II
tells you how you need to respond (climb/descend) and communicates with the
other aircraft if so equipped to maneuver in the opposite direction. these
are presented as Threat Advisories (TA's) and Resolution Advisories (RA's).
 You might also contact NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System for more
BF Goodrich FlightSystems / 2001 Polaris Parkway / Columbus OH  43240-2001
/ 614-825-2001 Voice
NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System / Ames Research Center / Moffett
Field CA  94035-1000
The Office of the NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System / PO Box 189 /
Moffett Field CA  94035-0189
Ryan International Corporation / Electric Lab / 4800 Evanswood Drive /
Columbus OH  43229 / 614-885-3303

Regards, Eric.
Eric Rood / 170 Monterey Drive / Dublin OH  43017-1329 / 614-761-7461
       opinions are my own, subject to change by sound arguement