Re: 777 folding wing (was: Delta dumps the L1011)

From: (Sandra Mangold )
Organization: Netcom
Date:         04 Dec 95 01:14:51 
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In <480hdn$j7c@sphinx.Stanford.EDU> rna@sphinx.Stanford.EDU (Robert Ashcroft) writes:
>>Did Boeing's WA001 have the option installed? I don't think so, but it
>>would have been nice to see it in production use.
>None of them have had the option so far.

RE: The folding wing.    Only one folding wing was built by Boeing and
tested and certified at the same time as the normal wing. Both were
tested for strenght on the No. 2 frame made for structural testing. I
was present when both the solid and folding wing spars where broken at
about 24 feet. I don't think the folding wing will be offer in the 100
series because this aircraft will be simular as the 747-SP. Smaller yet
with an est. range of about 10,000 miles. It may be offered on the 300
series because this aircraft is going to be about 29 feet longer. No
one who bought the 200 series has order the folding wing because of the
weight of about 800 lbs. a wing. (1600 lbs.

The tail of the aircraft is not a fuel carring tank. No fuel will be
stored in the stab. comp

Fred Mangold UAL 777 Maint Instructor..