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Date:         04 Dec 95 01:14:50 
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  or MIME structure (Susan Leibowitz ) wrote

>I'm curious...a friend of mine was coming into LA on an L-1011.. It was
>on one of those very foggy days.  They tried to land three times and
>then gave up and landed in Las Vegas.

>The rumor on the plane was that the pilot wasn't fog certified.  Does
>that make sense?

>And why wouldn't they've been able to use instruments to land?

Sounds like the airplane is certified for something like a CAT II or CAT
IIIa landing.  That means that at a certain decision height, the pilot
must have the runway in view or the pilot must execute a "missed
approach".  The minimums must have been close and rising for him to try so
many times.  Finally, he had to give up and take the alternate.

Pilots also must be qualified for these kinds of approachs, but my guess
is that this pilot was...he was dealing with an airplane limitation.
David Allen
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