Re: AA BDL MD-80 Incident

From: (BrianMcCar)
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Date:         29 Nov 95 01:36:21 
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>My problem with this is that at that time winds were 120-160, 25kts
>gusting to 44 kts, and the ceiling was 740 feet.

I'm surprised to hear only 44kts.  It was blowing LIKE HELL at my location
about 15 miles south of Bradley.

The local press reported something about the controllers working from a
room below the control tower, since the wind had damaged the glass.  They
also say that the altimeter wasn't reset when it should have been,
possibly due to the disruption in control tower routine.  Since there was
one hell of a front passing through, the barometric pressure must have
been changing significantly.

Whenever there's a snowstorm or whatnot, we always get cheery reports that
Bradley has stayed open when everywhere else has shut down.  I wonder now
if they might be operating a little too close to the edge?

The people on that plane were very lucky.  They came within 50 feet of
flying straight into a vertical  trap rock cliff.

Brian McCarthy