Re: The Regional Jet order update. OCT 1995.

From: (Vince Alfonso)
Organization: Melbourne PC User Group Inc, Australia
Date:         29 Nov 95 01:36:18 
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Jennings Heilig <> wrote:

>While I've never flown on either a BAE 146 or now the Avro RJ (same
>same), I have talked with several cabin crew who absolutely hated them.
>This has been some time ago (Air Cal flight attendants).   They stated
>that compared to Boeing or McDD aircraft, everything was poorly designed,
>worked backward, and was generally a pain.   Perhaps the captain sits on
>the right?

The Captain still sits on the left, but all the electrical switches
operate in reverse position to Boeing et al. (ie down is off)

>Jennings "If it ain't a Boeing, I ain't going" Heilig
Wise man.