From: (Paolo Saccuman)
Date:         15 Feb 95 03:42:22 
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Some month ago, I have carried out a series of simulation on 
the effect of the TCAS intervention during an approach 
For this purpose I have developed a model of the TCAS II 
based on the release 6.0 of the system logic.

The FAA-approved logic is published by the 
Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics in the document:

"Minimum Operational Performance Standards For 
Traffic Alert And Collision Avoidance System
(TCAS) Airborne Equipement"
Volume I & II
Document No. RTCA/DO - 185
Last revision: September 6, 1990.

Copy of the document can be obtained from:

One McPherson Square
1425 K Street, N.W.
Suite 500
Washington D.C. 20005
(202) 682-0266

The price of the document is 60.00 $. 

In detail, volume II contains the required collision avoidance
algorithm, both as high-level pseudocode, to convey the functional 
design, and as low-level pseudocode, to serve as a detailed 

Another document in which the system logic is presented, even if 
in a more descriptive way, is:

"Introduction to TCAS II"

published by FAA.

I hope that these suggestions can be helpful for your work.


					Paolo Saccuman

# European Commission
# Joint Research Centre
# Institute for Systems Engineering and Informatics
# I - 21020  Ispra  (Va)  Italy
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