Re: hydrogen powered planes

From: (Jean-Francois Mezei)
Organization: DECUServe
Date:         29 Nov 95 01:36:14 
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> Who was talking about using fossil fuel to generate hydrogen? How
> about solar energy?

Some countries have poor "natural" electric production capabilities and rely on
nuclear or fossil fuel power plants. So, it is normal to expect reactions such
as "hydrogen would pollute as much as jet fuel" from citizens of such
countries since they grew up thinking that electricity pollutes as much as
fossil fuels.

However, in regions where hydro electric electricity is abundant, hydrogen
becomes a viable source. That fuel-cell bus that was mentioned comes from
British Columbia (Canada). As well, Hydro Quebec (Canada) spends larges sums of
money to research more efficient methods of producing hydrogen.

Electric utilities are equipped to meet peak demand, and are over powered for
other times of day/year. Hence, if they could use that excess capacity during
times of low demand to produce Hydrogen, their infrastructure would be better

As well, countries where there is abundant sunlight (Australia, Africa) could
become major producers. Hydro Electricity is more questionable because of the
environmental changes caused by the flooding of large areas.

However, before airplanes are commonly powered by hydrogen, you'll see the
consumer cars, trucks and buses and perhaps even trains go hydrogen.