Re: New A330/340 models

From:         spagiola <>
Organization: World Bank
Date:         21 Nov 95 01:20:31 
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  or MIME structure (D.M. Shurz) wrote:
>>The A330M10 may be the long mooted A300 replacement, depending on how
>>short the shrink is.  Anyone know anymore?
>As far as I can understand the rationale is that in the short term the
>A330M10 is a 767-300ER competitor, as Airbus feel that this is a market
>segment they should be in, and the range of the A310-300 cannot compete, but
>I would imagine that the next intention would be that the plane could be
>further adapted with phaseout of both the A300 and A310.

I don't have exact range figures handy, but if the A310-300 can't match
the 767-300ER, I'd imagine you could get it to.  But the A310 is a smaller
aircraft.  Just as there have been few sales of the 767-200 (which is a
closer match to the A310), there have been few of the 767.  The A300-600,
on the other hand, is still based on the original A300 wing (the A310 has
a different wing), so that design is reaching its limits.  So shrinking
the A330 makes sense.