Aircraft Remanufacturing Software

From:         "A. Kevin Rodriguez" <AKRodriguez@TASC.COM>
Date:         21 Nov 95 01:20:31 
Organization: TASC
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I'm trying to find information on some software products
which are commonly used in the aircraft remanufacturing
industry.  Remanufacturing generally consists of heavy
maintenance on the airframe but can include much more.
I've tried to find information on the WWW but to know avail.
If anyone out there has information on the following s/w
products, can you please E-Mail them directly.  The products
I'm interested in are (I may not have these correct since
they were received from another source who himself was not

    SEPTRE (this is in fairly common use by some US majors),
    Rene Perez (Who, What, Where, ...),
    Ultra/Maxi-Merlin (I'm not sure on the name).

Any help would be appreciated.  Come to think of it, are these
manufacturing products?  If not, what are they?

A. Kevin Rodriguez  (
The Analytic Sciences Corporation (TASC)
Reading, Massachusetts