Info on Boeing's Airliner magazine

From: (Richard A. Muirden)
Organization: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.
Date:         21 Nov 95 01:19:30 
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A few weeks back someone was after information on subscribing to Boeing's
Airliner magazine. Well, I finally found my copy (Feb-Mar 1995) and here's
the info:

"The Boeing AIRLINER magazine is, and will contiunue to be distributed
at no cost to Boeing jetliner operators as well as to assosciate and

"The same applies to aviation regulatory agencies, affected DOD commands, and
certain educational institutions. The magazines are bulk-shipped to a specific
office within each organization for internal distribution.

"The AIRLINER magazine is available for personal subscritpions at the rate
of $35.00 U.S. per year. (Applicable state and local taxes will be added.)

"Those wishing to subscribe for personal copies should send their checks,
payable to BOEING AIRLINER MAGAZINE, to the address shown below:

Airliner Magazine Office  M/S 2L-30
Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
PO Box 3707
Seattle, WA 98124-2207


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