Re: Singapore ordered 34+43 B777s with Trent engines

From: (John Echeverry)
Organization: Air Finance Group
Date:         21 Nov 95 01:19:27 
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In article <airliners.1995.1828@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Mr Lih-Yenn Ong
<> wrote:

> In a separate statement issued in the S'pore Business Times, the reason given
> for selecting B777 is its capacity to fly non-stop from S'pore to L.A./S.F.  I
> am just wondering what the FAA rulings with regards to the use of twin engines
> to cover such a long route over the water are.  What are the contigency plans
> (made by the designer) if one of the engines failed in the midst of the flight
> across the Pacific?

Most flights across the Pacific utilise "Great Circle" routings which are
much closer to land than people think. A nonstop Singapore-L.A. flight
would probably fly near Japan, northeast Russia, Alaska, Northwestern
Canada, and down the U.S. west coast, never being TOO far away from
alternate landing sites, either military or commercial.



New York, NY

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