Re: A310, low visibility landing in Zurich, Switzerland

From: (J.E. Bos)
Organization: Philips
Date:         21 Nov 95 01:19:25 
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>>This is the first time I've heard of an "auto-taxi" capability.
>     It is the first I have heard also.

CAT III has a subdivision in three operational categories:
- CAT IIIA, which requires zero vertical visibility, and
an RVR in the last phase of the landing of 200 m.;
- CAT IIIB, which requires 50m. of RVR, *and*
roll out guidance to get the plane off the runway;
- CAT IIIC, which does not require more than 0 m. RVR, roll
out guidance *and* taxi guidance

To put it mildly, CAT IIIC is not around yet very much...

- Jan Bos