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From:         Mark Radovich <>
Organization: Wattle Lake Air Services
Date:         15 Feb 95 03:42:21 
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  or MIME structure (Steven H Philipson) wrote:
 >In article <airliners.1995.89@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
 >DANJET <> wrote:
 >>>Stall speeds of the 777 are similar to the 767 and other
 >>>transports, around 130 to 140 kts for landing flaps.  
 >>Is this correct?  When I follow a 767/757 into MDW in our little GIV he
 >>slows way back to our lnding speed of max138 full flaps (1.3vso)
 >   According to 1978-79 _Jane's All the World's Aircraft_, the approach
 >speeds for the 767-200MR and TC at maximum landing weight are 130 and
 >134 knots, respectively.  At lighter weights they can come in even slower.

The following are the approach speeds for B767-200ER & B767-300ER's.  Note that
most operators "bug up" their Vref speeds by 5 knots to ensure an adequate

Type            Max Ldg Wt(MLW)      Vref @ MLW       Approach Speed (Vref + 5)
B767-200ER        126,100 kg          137 knots             142 knots
B767-300ER        145,150 kg          146 knots             151 knots

Note that the speeds above are for max landing weight of these particular
versions, so unless the aircraft was returning to land at above max landing
weight (due to an emergency etc.), they would be the maximum speeds for the ER
(extended range).  The minimum approach speed can be as slow as 123 knots for
the -200ER & 125 knots for the -300ER when the aircraft is very light.

Mark Radovich