Re: QUESTION: Boeing subcontracting policy?

From: (William Osmun )
Organization: Netcom
Date:         16 Nov 95 03:48:44 
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>The first editorial in the November 6 edition of AW&ST states that
>"The Seattle planemaker [ie Boeing] subcontracts about 15% of each
>transport by value" (p. 86). The July 24, 1995 issue of the same
>journal states that "Boeing plans to reduce the in-house content of
>its transports from 52% to 48% over the next three to five years" (p.
>How can these two statements be reconciled? Is there a mistake
>somewhere or do the two statements not refer to the same thing?

The reason these articles are speaking of Boeing's subcontracting is
this happens to be a major issue in the current Machinists Union
strike.  Mainly the machinists are complaining of foreign
subcontracting.  Possibly, one magazine article presents foreign
subcontracting (15%) and the other speaks of total subcontracting.