Air/Space Museum Director Wanted - Denver, CO

From: (Martin Sagara)
Organization: Rocky Mountain Internet Inc.
Date:         16 Nov 95 03:48:43 
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The Wings Over The Rockies Air and Space Museum in Denver, Colorado is
seeking applicants with strong experience or interest in aerospace/history
subjects for the position of Museum Director.  The Wings Over The Rockies
Museum is operated by a non-profit foundation dedicated to the preservation,
recording and restoration of aircraft & aerospace artifacts and public
education in the subjects of aerospace history and technology with an
emphasis on Colorado's contribution to the aviation & space fields.  The
Director position is a full-time unpaid volunteer job.

Director position duties include:
1)   Assisting the Board of Directors in carrying out the Museum's Mission
     Statement objectives.
2)   Providing leadership, team-building, and organizational support for the
     Museum's staff and volunteers.
3)   Identifying & leveraging volunteer & staff skill resources.
4)   Coordinating the development of Museum exhibits.
5)   Supporting aircraft/artifact restoration activities.
6)   Developing Museum promotion/advertising campaigns and identifying
     opportunities for community involvement.
7)   Cultivating relationships with corporate sponsors.
8)   Serving as a point-of-contact for public relations activities.
9)   Developing grant proposals and performing administrative functions for
     the acquisition of aircraft and artifacts.
10)  Coordinating the daily operational activities of the Museum including
     retail operations, building maintenance, staff scheduling and all other
     related business functions.
11)  Working with city, state and Federal Government agencies in activities
     related to the Museum's development.

The ideal candidate would be a high-energy retiree and former aerospace
company/airline executive, military officer/enlisted, aerospace-related
engineer/technologist, professional pilot, museum director, educator,
historian, journalist, government or business executive.  Aviation/history
experience is highly desired but not necessary.  A strong interest in
aviation/space history and technology IS required.  The position requires
excellent business management, organizational and decision making skills.
The candidate must also have excellent communication skills, strong
follow-through habits and work well with people of diverse backgrounds.
Experience with non-profit organizations is a plus.

This is a unique opportunity to build a world-class educational, preservation
and historical facility that will serve the public for years to come.  The
Wings Over The Rockies Museum is moving into its second year of operation and
is a dynamic organization that is seeking to build itself into the premier
scientific/historical/educational facility in the state of Colorado.

For more information or to submit resumes,
please contact Mr. Russ Tarvin at (303) 341-2478, FAX (303) 341-7167.

Wings Over The Rockies Air and Space Museum
7750 E. Irvington Pl
Denver, CO 80220