Re: hydrogen powered planes

From: (Gerard Foley)
Organization: The Greater Columbus FreeNet
Date:         16 Nov 95 03:48:39 
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Gaia  1 ( wrote:
: When is the aviation industry going to be serious about the looming
: shortage of fossil fuels and their disastrous effects on the atmosphere--
: CO2 contributes over 59% of the greenhouse gases to global warming?


: In 1957 NASA already tested a hydrogen powered engine in order to find a
: new powerplant for a super spyplane that would escape detection.
: Astronauts take hydrogen and oxygen into space for their electricity needs
: and their H2O. It seems that Germany and Japan are ahead of the US in
: respect to research in the use of hydrogen, not only as an industrial
: product but also as a transportation fuel.

   I'm sure there are substantial discussions of the question, but isn't
the freeing of hydrogen without producing "green-house" gases a problem?
I don't know if "environmentalists" are up to making a choice between
the destructive aspects of hydroelectric development and of thermal
electric power production.  Likewise, I am not sure of the aggregate
effects on the atmosphere of nuclear power production (it sure need
not contaminate the atmosphere with radioactive materials, but
boy, what to do with the fission products?).
   I agree with the generality that we are not doing enough to protect
the environment, but I am not at all sure that some simple trick
like hydrogen propelled aircract can give us a net gain.