Re: PW JT-8D Cruise Parameters for MD88 and B-727

From: (chris flynn)
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Date:         16 Nov 95 03:48:39 
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  or MIME structure (TriStar500) wrote:

>>First of all, my question is... what are these numbers?!? ... 1990-2000?

>1990 is 1.990; 2000 is 2.000.

>> E.P.R. is usually around 1.00 or so.

>With the engine shutdown it is. The EPR indicator dial starts at 1.0 and
>goes up to 2.6. Takeoff power is usually around 2.0.

Does the 727 have a different 8D?
I know the -15 quite well (I'm licensed on it) and epr at max power is
around 1.6.