hydrogen powered planes

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When is the aviation industry going to be serious about the looming
shortage of fossil fuels and their disastrous effects on the atmosphere--
CO2 contributes over 59% of the greenhouse gases to global warming?

When is the new airplane going to be reinvented? So much is happening with
the reinvention of the automobile.

In 1957 NASA already tested a hydrogen powered engine in order to find a
new powerplant for a super spyplane that would escape detection.
Astronauts take hydrogen and oxygen into space for their electricity needs
and their H2O. It seems that Germany and Japan are ahead of the US in
respect to research in the use of hydrogen, not only as an industrial
product but also as a transportation fuel.

How long have particulalry those communities that suffer most from large
airports with their concomitant noise, land, water and airpollution wait
for a fuel cell powered airplane????
Dr. Frans C. Verhagen, energy sociologist, New York City.
Frans C. Verhagen, Ph.D.<Gaia1@aol.com> <quegreen@igc.apc.org>
===We are made wise not by recollections of the past, but our
responsibility to the future"==(George Bernard Shaw)