Re: PW JT-8D Cruise Parameters for MD88 and B-727

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Date:         14 Nov 95 14:46:22 
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>First of all, my question is... what are these numbers?!? ... 1990-2000?

1990 is 1.990; 2000 is 2.000.

> E.P.R. is usually around 1.00 or so.

With the engine shutdown it is. The EPR indicator dial starts at 1.0 and
goes up to 2.6. Takeoff power is usually around 2.0.

>JT8D engines (at least the ones I work on),
>don't burn this much fuel, even at T/O.

The fuel flow numbers are in pounds per hour. The JT8 burns about 1,000
pph at idle and the indicator reads from 500 pph to 12,000 pph.

The numbers come from engine trend reporting logs from airplanes in

To clarify some of the other numbers.

N1 is in percent.
EGT is in degrees Celsius
Fuel Flow is pounds per hour
N2 is in percent.
Oil Temp is in degrees Celsius
Oil Pressure is PSI.

Hope this clears it up some.

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