What's in a model number? (MD-95 Structural Specs)

From:         Don Stokes <Don.Stokes@vuw.ac.nz>
Organization: Victoria University of Wellington
Date:         14 Nov 95 14:46:21 
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jheilig@gate.net writes:
>According to my source at McDonnell Douglas in Long Beach, the MD-95 is:
>	-	A DC-9-34 fuselage and wing
>	-	38" plug (2 frames) added forward of wing
>	-	BMW/Rolls Royce BR715 engines
>	-	MD-87 vertical stabilizer
>	-	MD-90 tail cone (screwdriver tail)
>	-	New fuselage/wing fairing
>	-	Deleted ventral airstair
>	-	MD-90 avionics (modified)

OK, so where's the new model?  Airbus & Boeing would consider this kind of
change at best a new series number.  For these manufacturers a change in
model number indicates pretty major differences in configuration,
particularly Boeing where there isn't any comonality in engine configuration
between models.

I'd have thought changes like the removing the ventral airstair and improving
the avionics didn't even justify a change in series number.  Is there any
particular reason why MDD didn't take the DC-9-30 series or one of the MD-80s
and re-engine it?

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