Re: Flying Pencils (was:What's wrong with MD-11?)

From: (Irving Tjin)
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Date:         09 Nov 95 02:19:13 
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Brian A. Reynolds ( wrote:

: Karl Swartz wrote:

: The MD-80 has a very distinct crease where its two lobes join.
: ----------------------------------------

: The two lobes are joined by the floor panels.  The design of the upper
: lobe allows for maximum fuselage diameter at the PAX elbows.  While this

I would say that the reason for applying a double-bubble x-section is to
increase the underfloor hold capacity for a given cabin width and upper
lobe diameter.

: I believe one of the significant benifits to Douglas on the MD-95 is that
: it IS a circular cross section, allowing automated manufacturing processes.
: (The DC-9/MD-8x family were all assembled by hand.  Manufacturing labor

As far as I know, MDC is not changing the basic DC9/MD80/MD90 fuselage
cross-section and overall structural layout for the MD95. That's the
whole idea - well, part of it anyway - behind the derivative concept.
Developing a new cross-section would be too expensive.

Incidentally, this double-bubble design will give the MD95 a larger cargo
capacity (volume) than its circular x-section competitors.

Irving Tjin