Re: Flying Pencils (was:What's wrong with MD-11?)

From:         Jennings Heilig <>
Organization: CyberGate
Date:         09 Nov 95 02:19:12 
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Where did you hear that the MD-95 is going to have a circular
cross-section?  I spoke with someone at McDD the other day, and he said
that the -95 will be a DC-9-30 airframe (including the wing) with the
tall tail of the MD-87, MD-90 avionics, and the new BMW/RR engines.  To
make a circular cross-section fuselage would require a complete re-design
of the entire airplane from stem to stern, and I haven't heard anything
about them doing that.  I also wonder that if by doing that, they could
still fly it on the original type certificate??

Sort of like the new -600/700/800 models of the 737.  They're just like
the older ones, except for a re-designed wing, bigger tail, new engine
nacells  and pylons, different gear, but oh, I guess the tailplane
incidence screw jack is the same, so it can go on the old ticket :))

Just curious,

Jennings Heilig