Re: Help: 737-300 Max Air Speed ?

From: (R. Brian dosSantos)
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Date:         09 Nov 95 02:19:12 
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>I an currently working on a product for a  Boeing 737-700 aircraft. My
>design requirements seem a bit excessive and are driving my cost through
>the roof. I am questing the max air speed of this aircraft. I would like
>to know the max air speed of this aircraft if any one knows. If any Boeing
>engineers are reading this please disreguard (Al, Cathy, Tom).

This has got to be the strangest request I have ever seen from
a design engineer.  Why are you asking people not involved in
the design what the design parameters are?  I can speculate on
all kinds of reasons for this, some that favor you and others
that don't.  I won't speculate because I really want to know
why you've resorted to this approach.

R. Brian dos Santos

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