MD-95 Structural Specs

From:         Jennings Heilig <>
Organization: CyberGate
Date:         09 Nov 95 02:19:10 
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According to my source at McDonnell Douglas in Long Beach, the MD-95 is:

	-	A DC-9-34 fuselage and wing
	-	38" plug (2 frames) added forward of wing
	-	BMW/Rolls Royce BR715 engines
	-	MD-87 vertical stabilizer
	-	MD-90 tail cone (screwdriver tail)
	-	New fuselage/wing fairing
	-	Deleted ventral airstair
	-	MD-90 avionics (modified)

The fuselage will be structurally identical to the DC-9-30 series, as
will the wing, flaps, ailerons, and slats.  There will still be a crease
in the fuselage at the floor beam level, but different manufacturing
techniques will allow the fuselage to be built in barrel sections (at
Salt Lake City) rather than in upper and lower sections as it was on the
DC-9 family.

Apparently they looked at designing a new wing for the aircraft, but
detemined that they would spend many millions of dollars on it, and would
probably only save approximately 1% in cruise flight, thus it hardly
seemed worth the investment.


Jennings Heilig