Re: 747-100 SUD

From: (Jean-Francois Mezei)
Organization: DECUServe
Date:         09 Nov 95 02:19:09 
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>>This is the first I have heard of -100 being fitted with the
>>stretched upper deck.
>>I know that a number of -200 were remanufactured to -300 status by
>>Boeing (KLM has a few, I think).
> KLM modified ten aircraft, whereas they only bought three -300s new.
> UTA also had a pair of them, plus a single -300.  The two JAL aircraft
> are the only other SUDs I'm aware of.

What is involved in stretching the upper deck ? Doesn't this require some
heavy duty structural changes ?  Doesn't this change the centre of gravity
of the aircraft compared to the location of the wings ? Or can that be
alleviated with judicious luggage/cargo placement ?

As well, what is the economic rationale of spending large sums of money
to modify an relatively old aircraft to add a few more seats (8 to 10 ?)?

Or do those modifications also include the upgrading of engines and cockpit
to enhance the fuel consumption figures to bring them up to par with more
recent aircrafts ?