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From:         spagiola <>
Organization: The World Bank Group
Date:         09 Nov 95 02:19:08 
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  or MIME structure (Gregory Glockner) wrote:
> >> As for the 747-400F for FedEx, it will probably
> >> never happen.  They don't like their 747s now (they just don't fit their
> >> operation) and will rid all of them in the next 5 years or so.
> FedEx's 747s all came from the buyout of Flying Tigers.  To the best
> of my knowledge, FedEx never bought any 747s outright; I'd suspect
> that they were never all that interested in 747s.

The 747's problem is that, with the type of cargo FedEx flies, it fills
up way before it reaches max gross weight.  I suspect this problem is
even worse on the 747-400F, with its higher max take-off weight and
similar volume (as the -100F/200F).  This makes it an inefficient way
to carry cargo.  The two are much closer on the DC-10/MD-11 (hence
FedEx's predilection for these types).