Re: Any info on CP DC-10 incident @ YVR Oct 19?

From: (POW)
Organization: MIND LINK! - British Columbia, Canada
Date:         07 Nov 95 12:21:55 
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>Recently we had a rather dramatic aborted take-off in Vancouver involving
>a Canadian Airlines DC-10 taking off West-bound and being forced to abort.
>It over-ran the runway and ended up with a collapsed nose gear (in rather
>sodden ground) and definitely with a load of surprised and shocked
>passengers. Apparently also a runway field worker was taken to hospital
>for treatment of severe shock as the DC-10 went carreening off the runway
>towards him(f-shaped skid marks apparent from helicopter view) and scared
>the daylights out him...fancy that!

A little off the topic of the original post, but related...
The DC10 incident was only one of 3 that occurred at YVR in a 2 week
period. The others didn't seem to get so much coverage, so I was
wondering if anyone knows more details about them.

First of these involved a Cdn government A300. It was undergoing
engine maintenance and the maint. crew were performing a routine
engine test. From what I heard, they had not placed the correct size
of chocks under the landing gear for this type of engine test. Result
was that the A300 jumped the chocks and accelerated into a nearby
building. Don't know what the damage was.

Second was a Singapore 747 which , according to a brief news show
snip, drifted off the centre line on approach. Pilots attempts to get
back on the approach resulted in the number 4 engine hitting the
runway on landing. Again, don't know what the damage was.