747-100 SUD

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Date:         07 Nov 95 12:21:54 
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I was catching up the last half-year of Air Transport World, and one of
them had a column about the JAL 747 that carries the Disney motif
(for domestic consumption only).  The article said that the aircraft
was one of two 747-100 that JAL had had retrofitted with a stretched
upper deck.  Said the article, this was calculated to drive plane
spotters crazy.

This is the first I have heard of -100 being fitted with the stretched
upper deck.  I know that a number of -200 were remanufactured to -300
status by Boeing (KLM has a few, I think).

Anyone have any more details?  Enquiring minds, etc.

Great moments in Newspeak:

  "I do not like this word 'bomb'. It is not a bomb.  It is a device
   which is exploding."

---Jacques Le Blanc, French Ambassador to New Zealand, on the tests of
   nuclear "exploding devices" in French Polynesia.