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From: (Simon Craig)
Organization: OzEmail Pty Ltd - Australia
Date:         06 Nov 95 14:29:00 
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In article <airliners.1995.1690@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Robert
Dorsett) wrote:

> In article <airliners.1995.1657@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Simon Craig) writes:
> >> For an emergency landing, is it ever desireable to dump excess fuel to reduce
> >> the possibility or extent of a fire?  Would it make a difference or is fuel
> >> dumping only for reducing the landing weight?
> >
> >No, this is never the case.  Fuel jettison capability is only for the
> >specific purpose of reducing the landing weight of the aircraft.
> "Never" is a strong word, since so many pilots have gone on record stating
> explicitly that they do this when facing a gear-up landing (as my earlier
> comments alluded to).

Well, that is a different situation entirely.  For the record, I don't
consider fuel dumping for a "belly up landing" as being the same as fuel
dumping "for the specific purpose of reducing the landing weight of the
aircraft."  It is quite obvious to me that a belly up landing is an
emergency situation!  I must admit, when I replied to the original post, I
hadn't considered a belly up landing as an emergency landing when I should