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Date:         06 Nov 95 14:29:00 
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Perhaps one or more of you out there can assist on this one.  In 1986 I
believe, we landed in Coimbitar (sp?) India.  The airport used by Indian
Airlines was a military airfield because the commercial field could not
accomodate the B737's they were then using on the Bangalore-Coimbitar
route.  On landing, I looked out on the right side and saw DC-3/Dakota's
parked in the trees along the full length of the runway.  The trees had
grown up around the aircraft but all had the grass and branches neatly
trimmed around the aircraft.  All of the planes looked flyable if the
trees were removed.  Upon turning at the end of thr runway, the same was
true for the other side......all told, probably more than 100 DC-3's, all
looking as though you could hop in and fly them away if someone would cut
the trees between the aircraft and the runway.

This appeared to be the world's largest DC-3 parking lot, with aircraft
maintained by the Indian Air Force, but the grounds keepers had forgotten
to keep the trees under control.

Does anyone know if these planes are still there?  If so, this could be
the subject of an article for a future edition of this magazine.

Fred Luessen
ex Flying Tiges, TWA, AmWest and IATA