Saab 2000

From:         David Lednicer <>
Date:         13 Feb 95 01:44:22 
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	US readers: keep your eyes skywards - the Saab 2000 (A/C #4) is 
on a US sales tour.  It flew in to Boeing Field yesterday (2/9/95) and 
overnighted in the Galvin hangar, departing at 10:30 this morning.  A 
Boeing friend called me (thanks Nicole!) and I managed to get down there 
before they departed for Portland.  I didn't get inside, as I'm an aero 
weanie - I spent my time looking over the outside of the aircraft - 
especially the inlet system.  I helped Allison out with some analysis of 
the inlet back when it was in the design stage and I later convinced IPTN 
to use a modified version of it in the N250.  It was nice to see it "in the 
flesh".  My first impression was of big the aircraft is.  A close 
inspection reveals it to be pretty clean - for instance they've gotten 
rid of the external cable run troughs that are on the forward belly of 
the 340 (gee, I almost typed SF 340).  I noticed that they've added two 
strakes under the tailcone.  The sales type said that they were for 
weathercock stability, but they look to me to be for controlling the 
vortices that can form on upswept aft fuselages - look at an EMB 120 
Brasilia.  I couldn't stick around for the take-off, so I don't know how 
quiet/noisy it is.

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