Re: 727 with larger tail-top engine?

From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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Date:         06 Nov 95 14:28:58 
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>there was a 727 there with a cylindrical addition to all three tail
>pipes.  This mod results in the thrust reverser being further aft
>than standard ...  My only guess is that this aircraft has the Fedex
>Stage III hushkit installed.

I saw something like that on one of USAir's BAC-111s back when they
were still flying them and it was indeed a hushkit.  Other hushkits
are almost entirely internal.  I think there are several available
for the 727, so I couldn't guess if this is the FedEx one or perhaps
another.  (I've never seen one on a 727, either.)

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