Re: 727 with larger tail-top engine?

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Date:         06 Nov 95 14:28:58 
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Karl, here is an oddball 727 engine mod that stumped me.  I was in Istanbul
Turkey three weeks ago and there was a 727 there with a cylindrical
addition to all three tail pipes.  This mod results in the thrust reverser
being further aft than standard.  The aircraft was parked next to a
standard 727 and the difference was obvious.  The modified 727 was in the
markings of a cargo outfit, Turkish Cargo, if I remember right.  My only
guess is that this aircraft has the Fedex Stage III hushkit installed.

	BTW - there is a THY 727 stripped of all three engines and all
doors sitting out by the runways.  I heard that it is being stripped for
parts.  Also - the Turkish Air Force Museum on the far side of the field
has on of Istanbul Airlines old Carvalles, less JT8Ds.

					-Dave Lednicer