Re: Fokker 50 climb performance

From: (Donbikes)
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Date:         06 Nov 95 14:28:55 
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In an Oct 31 message, the following question was asked:

>Who knows what the climb-performance is of a Fokker 50 in an N-1
>situation in the approach climb.

>The required approach-climb requirement is 2.1%, but I would like to know
>what the real figure is.

For a given configuration and using the recommended speed, the "real"
figure depends on the weight of the airplane, the temperature on that day,
and the altitude at which the approach climb is being conducted.  Only
when the landing weight of the airplane is constrained by its approach
climb performance will the one-engine-inoperative climb gradient be 2.1%
Typically, the climb capability will be significantly better.

Don S.