Re: 777 Question

From: (Steven H Philipson)
Organization: Mountain View Flight Service
Date:         13 Feb 95 01:44:22 
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In article <airliners.1995.89@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
DANJET <> wrote:
>>Stall speeds of the 777 are similar to the 767 and other
>>transports, around 130 to 140 kts for landing flaps.  
>Is this correct?  When I follow a 767/757 into MDW in our little GIV he
>slows way back to our lnding speed of max138 full flaps (1.3vso)

   According to 1978-79 _Jane's All the World's Aircraft_, the approach
speeds for the 767-200MR and TC at maximum landing weight are 130 and
134 knots, respectively.  At lighter weights they can come in even slower.

					(the certified flying fanatic)