Re: Singapore Airlines A310 replacement

From:         "Nicolas E. Murat" <vis@elaine25.Stanford.EDU>
Organization: Stanford University
Date:         06 Nov 95 14:28:55 
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On 31 Oct 1995, Ken Hoyme wrote:

> I have wondered how the French nuclear testing in the South Pacific will
> affect the relative sales of Boeing/MD and Airbus airplanes.  In those
> cases where there is government funding involved, there may be the desire
> to make a political statement (or at least not look like the government is
> supporting the French at this time).
> I'll bet it is a factor....

Please note that such a political statement would cause outrage amongst
all the other members of the Airbus Consortium: Germany, UK, and Spain.

We must remember that that France's Aerospaciale is only part of the
group. Airbus Industrie is a European Consortium guys.