Re: Singapore Airlines A310 replacement

From: (Dzulkifli Basri)
Organization: Singapore Telecom Internet Service
Date:         06 Nov 95 14:28:55 
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In message <airliners.1995.1697@ohare.Chicago.COM> - (K
en Hoyme) writes:

:>I have wondered how the French nuclear testing in the South Pacific will
:>affect the relative sales of Boeing/MD and Airbus airplanes.  In those
:>cases where there is government funding involved, there may be the desire
:>to make a political statement (or at least not look like the government is
:>supporting the French at this time).
:>I'll bet it is a factor....

I do not think Singapore Airlines will buy airplanes to make a political
statement. if SIA thinks that the Boeing aircraft will fulfill the company's
future expansion plans that it will get the Boeing aircrafts otherwise....

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