Re: Singapore Airlines A310 replacement

From:         Vincent <>
Organization: Singapore Telecom Internet Service
Date:         03 Nov 95 04:23:15 
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My guess would be that Boeing stands to clinch the deal as the Straits
Times report has also mentioned SIA's participation in the development of
the Boeing 777-100 which it may also be keen to buy.
      I do not think that SIA will make any sort of political statement by
choosing Boeing over Airbus. In this part of the world, seldom are there
any political protests of such a nature (although Malaysia did protest
about the French nuclear testing yesterday...). Our senior minister was
quoted as saying that he would like further economic cooperation with
the French just when about everyone else was too busy slamming them
about their chemical experiments at sea. The decision would be guided by
commercial interests more than anything else.The result is due out next