Re: Cockpit noise

Organization: Pilots' Bulletin Board System , Auckland, New Zealand
Date:         03 Nov 95 04:23:15 
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-> Does anyone out there have any information regarding the amount of
-> cockpit noise there is in present day airliners such as
-> B747-100/200/300s, 747-400s and any other Boeing airliner information
-> you might have.
-> I'm looking for information that a layman can understand. Any help or
-> information you might have is most appreciated!
Having flown some of the above I can tell you that the 747- cockpit is
noisier than the B767 and DC10 shaped cockpit areas. This is due to a
number of factors. 1. The crew escape hatch is a  source of extra
noise even though it has a modicum of soundproofing over it.
2.The shape of the 747 cockpit "bulge" results in high mach
numbers in that region and greater airflow noise.
A number of 747 crew I knew wore earplugs to reduce the affect of the
noise levels.
David A.