Re: Audio channel wiring

From: (Bill Galer)
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Date:         03 Nov 95 04:23:12 
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Andrew Goldfinger <> wrote:

>     I have been on aircraft in which the audio channel guide indicated
>that the seats near the galley could hear the movie sound on a different
>channel that the remainder of the seats.  Why are these seats wired

Cabin Seats near the windows at the front of a zone (near galleys
etc.) often do not have a clear view of the video screens in their own
'zone' and the passengers are expected to view the video screen/s in
the next zone forward of them.  Although these seats are receiving the
video soundtrack for their own zone on say channel one, the next zone
forward may be screening a different video program (with it's audio
available on channel one in that zone).

To match up the soundtrack in say zone 'C' with the video shown on
zone 'B', the soundtrack for the alternate video is made available on
another channel say channel two.

Some carriers have additional channels provided for the video
soundtrack of both primary and/or alternate video programs to be
received in different languages if  available.

This is a typical layout for  large aircraft and is a result of  the
seats in each zone being wired the same rather than wired differently.

Regards Bill Galer   L.A.M.E.