Re: Flying Pencils (was:What's wrong with MD-11?)

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Date:         03 Nov 95 04:23:12 
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In article <45jjs0$>, Don Stokes <> wrote:
>Note that the 707 has a double-lobed fuselage with a slight crease at
>floor level between the two lobes.  Later aircraft have circular fuselage

So I thought, but taking a look at both 737 and 757 fuselage sections
before they were joined together convinced me that they are decidedly
*NOT* circular, though they may be closer to circular than the 707.
As I recall, Airbus does use a circular cross-section or something
very close to it.  The MD-80 has a very distinct crease where its two
lobes join.

Trivia: The fuselage cross-section of the upper deck portion of a 747
is a parabola.

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